Makeup tips to complement your haircolour from Clairol print

Makeup Tips to Complement Your Haircolour


Discover the makeup palette that works with your haircolour. From blonde hair to dark, our colour experts recommend the best colours to complement your hair.


Your best colours are on the softer side. Blondes look great in cool pastel shades. Try a hint of ice-blue shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.


Colours with neutral to rich tones like olive and pink beige flatter you best. If you’re a brunette, a touch of glimmery gold shadow will make your eyes pop.


You can wear strong, vivid colours, like deep plum and navy, beautifully. And a wash of pink blush will liven up your face.


Delicate yet warm apricots and corals will enhance your complexion. If your skin is peaches-and-crème, a touch of golden shimmer will highlight it.