Your Get-Gorgeous Guide to Special Occasion Hair print

Your Get-Gorgeous Guide to Special Occasion Hair


Colouring your hair can make you feel great! So how do you add some seasonal sparkle for a special occasion?

  • Colour your hair within seven days of your big event, not on the day of or even one or two days before.
  • Always determine how you’re going to wear your hair before you colour. Think of your hair as a sculpture and the haircolour as what you paint the sculpture with. If you’re going to wear your hair up, for example, you’ll want to make sure that, along with any highlights you put around your face, you have complementary highlights or a similar shade in the back so that it doesn’t look like you have two different haircolours.
  • For an up-do, one rule of thumb is that nothing plastic should go in your hair for any special event, and that if a teenager would wear it, it’s a no-go. If a princess would wear it, go ahead. Think ‘40s and ‘50s glamour, classic Hollywood—subtle, sparkly, beautiful headbands, barrettes and pins. It’s jewelry for the hair.
  • If you’re on your way out the door and notice your locks are looking limp, switch your parting to the other side to make your hair look instantly fuller.
  • If your hair turns limp after dancing the night away, head to the ladies’ room and give it a boost of volume by tipping your head forward under the hand dryer.

Now you’ve got the colour confidence to shine the night away.