Golden hair tones from Clairol print

Summer’s Hottest Look: Golden Hair Tones


Golden hair tones from Clairol

More than any other season, summer is all about freedom. Freedom is not only about casual clothing or sleeping in, but also about shifting your personal beauty approach to a lighter, more “airy” feeling, a softer, more feminine wardrobe, and the willingness to try something different. The spring and summer seasons let you shed the winter mindset of “covered up” to reveal a new you.


“One of the ways I like to embrace the spring and summer season is by indulging in the desire for change and exploring variations in my haircolour,” says Clairol Colour Director Marcy Cona. “There’s nothing like going a bit warmer and more golden with your tone to light up your face. Even if your current shade leans toward the cooler end of the tone spectrum, switching to a neutral tone in the summertime will shift the shade just enough to really make a difference.”


Golden opportunities—things like good chocolates, rock classics played loudly with the convertible top down and lazy days at the beach—are almost impossible to get too much of. Another thing you can’t get too much of is beautiful, shimmering colour. And getting that look is simple with haircolour. Look for a blonde colour product that’s within two shades of your natural colour. Descriptions like Gold, Champagne, or Caramel will bring out that golden shimmer that really shines!