Simple Tips to Look Fabulous at Any Age


One truth we can all certainly relate to is that nobody wants to look older than she is. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! From what you wear to how you do your hair, there are certain things that can make you look older than you are. The following are some tips and tricks to help you look fabulous at any age. Let’s start at the top—with your hair.

One of the primary ways you can look amazing is by finding your most flattering haircolour. In general, it is best to go lighter as you get a little older and to steer clear of one solid shade that provides no dimension. Think of how hair looks in sunlight—the way it illuminates all the highlights and lowlights. That’s the look to keep in mind when choosing haircolour. And because grey hair is another thing that can add years to your appearance, look for permanent haircolour with perfect grey coverage.

So let’s say you’ve found your perfect shade, covered your grey hair and have beautiful, gorgeous colour. Oh, that the grey would never appear again! Hair does grow, though, and when hair starts to grow, the roots start to show. But you don’t have to do a full colouring to cover those roots. Use a root touch-up application to take care of new growth.

And what about your hairstyle itself? Though you probably know not to try very trendy styles, it can be just as aging to fall into a style rut. Small changes such as adding layers, bangs or a deeper side part can do wonders to soften lines. A middle part tends to accent flaws; try to avoid it. And one makeup tip that always seems to make the most difference: Use cream blush instead of powder blush. It provides a much more dewy, “forgiving” finish.