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Hair Colour Tapestry


1. To begin, you’ll need two boxes of Natural Instincts hair colour. Your first colour should be up to three shades lighter than your natural colour. The second box can be either one shade darker or your current shade.

2. Mix each colour according to package directions, remembering to perform the allergy & strand test 48 hours in advance. Keep the colours separate.

3. Gather your supplies, including a makeup sponge that you’ll need later on. Once you’ve shampooed and dried your hair, you’ll be ready to start.

4. Separate your dry hair into four equal sections. If your hair is curly, start with a center part. If your hair is fine or smooth, create a deep side part before separating into sections.

5. Apply the lighter shade from roots to tips in all four sections.

6. Braid or twist each section depending on where you want to create depth.

7. Using the makeup sponge, apply the darker, second shade on the hair surface that’s showing from the braid, avoiding the ends. Process for 10 minutes.

8. Rinse your hair. Use Natural Instincts conditioner and let it sit for 2-5 minutes. This will help add shine and make hair feel soft.

Divide dry hair into four sections. For fine, smooth hair, start with a side part.

Apply the lighter shade from roots to tips in all four sections.

Braid your hair and apply the darker shade using your makeup sponge.

After rinsing, use Natural Instincts conditioner for soft, shiny colour.

Marcy Cona

Marcy has been an industry leader for over 20 years and has been voted one of the top 75 educators in the 20th century by her peers. In addition to in-salon experience, Marcy has contributed to beauty editorial features in top publications and is Clairol’s Global Creative Director of Salon Inspired Brands.