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5 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last

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Now that you’ve got the beautiful color you long for, how do you hold on to it? Here are 5 tips from our color experts to help make your hair color last.

  1. Sunlight is hair color’s nemesis. The UV rays can deplete color-treated hair of its brilliance if strands are left unprotected. Hats are a fashionable way to protect your color when you know you’re going to be spending time in strong sunlight, or try a scarf.
  2. Whenever possible, rinse hair with fresh water after it’s been submerged in chlorinated water or saltwater.
  3. Heat styling can ravage your hair year-round, but the damage is more evident in sunny weather. Let hair dry naturally when you can, but if you must use the blow-dryer, aim the nozzle down the hair shaft. This helps your color look richer by reflecting more light.
  4. Color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners enhance the look of your color-treated hair while protecting it against damage.
  5. Reapply your hair color as often as recommended according to the product you choose.