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Keep Your Hair Color Looking Fresh This Summer

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Nothing says “summer” like beautiful golden shimmer, but gold tones can be susceptible to the ravages of summer’s elements. Just keep these simple guidelines in mind this summer, and you can still have fun without it showing on your hair color:


  1. Keep it fresh – Rinse hair with fresh water or club soda after swimming in the ocean or the pool.
  2. Play on – A small amount of leave-in conditioner will soften locks while you play volleyball or frolic in the waves.
  3. Tip your hat – Hats have never been more fashionable and flirtatious, and they do wonders to protect your color from the heat.
  4. Stay cool – A cold rinse will do wonders. Keep the water cool when you shower.
  5. Au naturel – Let your hair dry naturally. Heat styling can ravage your hair year-round, but the damage is more evident in sunny weather. Let hair dry naturally when you can, but if you must use the blow-dryer, aim the nozzle down the hair shaft. This helps color look richer by reflecting more light.