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Make your color pop with dimension

1. Begin by selecting your Root Touch-Up shade. If you’d like to add depth or lowlights to your hair, choose a color that is 1-2 shades darker than your existing color. If you’re looking to add natural highlights, choose a color that is 2-3 shades lighter. To add additional brightness around your face, you’ll also need the Hair Painting Kit by Nice ‘n Easy.

2. Mix the hair color according to package directions, remembering to perform the allergy & strand test 48 hours in advance.

3. Divide your dry hair into four even sections. Gather the front two sections into a half-up ‘do, separating into two sections and securing with plastic clips. Secure the remaining two sections with plastic clips as well.

4. Taking your Root Touch-Up shade, paint 8 random pieces (about two inches apart) on the sections of hair not pulled back. You’ll want to choose pieces of hair where you want extra depth or highlights.

5. Take down the front pieces you pulled back. With the same Root Touch-Up shade, paint 6-8 pieces of hair along your natural part, staring about 2 inches above the ear. Make sure to do this on both sides of your part.

6. Want to add a few face-framing highlights? Use the Hair Painting Kit for an added pop of color.

7. Let the color process for 10 minutes, then shampoo, rinse and style!