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  • (Q): If I have more than 1 Clairol hair color product listed on a single receipt, will I get points for all purchases in a single upload, or do I have to upload the same receipt more than once?

    (A): All qualifying Clairol purchases listed on a single receipt will be accounted for in the same receipt upload. Once your receipt has been processed, your My Rewards tracker will be updated with all purchases listed on your receipt. Consumers must place a checkmark (✔) or star (*) next to each Clairol hair color purchase listed on the receipt.

  • (Q): How long does it take after uploading a receipt for the points to be updated on my ‘My Rewards’ page?

    (A): Receipts are typically processed within 10-15 minutes of upload, but the process could take as long as 24 hours. Once processed, you will receive a notification on your ‘My Rewards’ page indicating that your receipt was validated or that there was an error or issue with validation. If an upload error exists, you will also receive an email outlining the details of the error, and the steps to resolve.

  • (Q): I uploaded a receipt and I am attempting to upload a second receipt, but my ‘Upload Receipt’ button locked. Why is this happening?

    (A): Only one receipt can be uploaded at a time. Once your first receipt has been processed your ‘Upload Receipt’ button will be unlocked and you can continue with your next receipt upload. This process could take as long as 24 hours, but is usually completed within 10-15 minutes. Refresh your ‘My Rewards’ page if the page does not update automatically.

  • (Q): I uploaded my receipt but received an error message that elements of my receipt are not readable. The image looks clear to me, what else can I do to improve readability?

    (A): If you’re receipt image looks visibly clear on your mobile or desktop devise, you are likely missing some necessary information on the receipt image. Please ensure that the following receipt elements are shown clearly on the image – and are indicated with a drawn star or checkmark:

    • 1) All Clairol hair color purchase ✔
    • 2) The receipt date and time ✔
    • 3) The receipt total ✔

  • (Q): I’m being prompted to use the ‘Alternate Submission Form’, why is this happening?

    (A): If a user experiences three failed upload attempts, they will be prompted to manually enter the information listed on their receipt using the ‘Alternate Submission Method’. Entering the information manually should solve readability issues and enable the receipt to be validated. Users can also mail in receipts for validation using the prompt within the ‘Alternate Submission Form’ if issues persist.


  • (Q): If I am already a member of, am I automatically enrolled in Clairol Platinum Rewards?

    (A): Yes! All current members are already enrolled in Clairol Platinum Rewards. You can use your same login and password that you used to register for and start earning rewards today!

  • (Q): When I try to register, I receive an error message that an account with my email is already in use, but I’ve never registered for Clairol Platinum Rewards before. Why is this?

    (A): All current members are already enrolled in Clairol Platinum Rewards. You can use your same login and password you use for and start earning rewards today!

  • (Q): I am attempting to register but continue to get an error message in the password field. Why is this?

    (A): Your password needs to be a minimum of eight characters long and contain capital letters, lowercase letters and at least one number.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you continue to have issues logging into, or registering for, Clairol Platinum Rewards, please call our customer service hotline at 1800 CLAIROL


  • (Q): Can I buy Clairol hair color products online and earn credits towards a free box using my printed or emailed receipt?

    (A): At this time, only receipts from in-store purchases are eligible for this program. We will notify customers when we begin accepting on-line purchases to qualify toward free product for the Platinum Rewards.

  • (Q): I have uploaded more than 4 Clairol hair color products and it appears I only have 1 point in my tracker. Why is this happening?

    (A): For every 4 Clairol hair color purchases validated, the user is eligible to receive a coupon by mail to redeem a free box of Clairol hair color at any retailer. This is indicated by a “Claim Coupon” button on your ‘My Rewards’ page, and a gold ‘1’ will be attached to the “FREE BOX” icon on your tracker. If this coupon is not “claimed” and the user continues earning points, the tracker will restart and will begin tracking purchases towards your next free box. The original free box coupon can still be claimed at any time by clicking the “Claim Coupon” button.

  • (Q): After accruing 4 points and selecting “Claim Coupon” button I am asked to confirm my full mailing address. Why is this needed?

    (A): Due to the high value of this coupon, it cannot be downloaded digitally. We will mail you a FREE coupon that you can use to redeem your Free Clairol hair color product at any retailer. Your full mailing address is required for shipping and must be completed in the ‘Claim Coupon’ prompts. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the mailing process s.

  • (Q): After I took the survey questionnaire it no longer shows up on my ‘My Rewards’ page anymore. Why is this happening?

    (A): Each user can only take the survey once, and receive one bonus point for its completion. After this occurs, the survey callout will no longer show up on your ‘My Rewards’ page.


  • (Q): Can I change the mailing address I want my free product coupon sent to?

    (A): Yes, in the ‘Claim Coupon’ process you will be prompted to complete your address, or confirm your address if you have already redeemed one or more free boxes. On this screen, you can edit your mailing information, or click “Edit Address” and change any information.

  • (Q): How do I change my password or other personal information listed in my registration?

    (A): Log on to your profile page using the login button in the upper right hand corner of In the My Profile section of the page, click “Edit My Profile” and change any desired information on this page. If you are already logged into Clairol Platinum Rewards, click on your name appearing in the upper right hand corner of the page to access you’re ‘My Profile’ page.