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Colour correcting when blonde goes brassy

You wanted blonde, but you’re looking kind of brassy…

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WHY did it happen (to me!)?

First thing to know is: you’re not alone… it can happen to anyone!! And it could be down to something our experts call ‘contributing pigments’ – everyone has them in their natural hair colour – which is not a bad thing, it’s just that it can make going blonde harder.

In simple terms, ‘contributing pigments’ are basically the mix of different tones that make up your natural hair colour.

So, for example, if you’re a brunette, you’ll have lots of different contributing pigments that result in your unique shade of brown, including red/orange (which are warmer tones) and which will show through if they’re not neutralised or bleached enough.

So, I need to bleach more then?

No, not necessarily – we’ve got some suggestions below. But, if you do want to bleach again, it’s better to wait at least a week as bleaching makes your hair more fragile.

There are also a few things you can try at home – but if in doubt, please get professional hairdressing advice. You can also contact the Clairol team.

  • • Try adding a bit of purple not as a colour option, but rather as a purple shampoo to neutralise the colour. You can use it like a mask or apply to dry hair. It’s also worth keeping it in your hair routine (maybe like every second week) if you see the brassiness starting to re-emerge.
  • • Use an ammonia free demi or semi-permanent. Shades like ash, cool or neutral will help reduce the orangeness. Natural Instincts offers 18 shades that are worth a look. Depending on how orange your hair has gone, you could either apply the colour all over or just to the areas that need it the most.
  • • Re-colour going blonder or to a darker colour.

Can I stop it happening again?

There’s no absolute way to be sure it won’t happen again, but you can try keeping it in check by…

  • Always doing a strand test, so you can check that you totally love your colour before you dye your whole head…
  • Following the instructions on the pack and sticking to the recommended timings – there’s lots of science behind the steps, and with bleaching you need to make sure you leave the product on long enough to lighten to the desired blonde.
  • Using a purple shampoo as part of your hair routine.
  • Keeping your hair in great condition with a regular hair mask.
  • Protecting your hair in the sun and avoiding chlorine by always wearing a swimming cap (glam, we know!)

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