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First times – Spotting grey hair

OMG. You’ve found grey hair. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and…

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Root Touch-Up
Nice’n Easy

Pleeeeaze don’t tweeze!

If you’ve only got a few greys avoid the tweezers and try…

  • • Mixing up a colour close to your natural shade and use a cotton bud to apply the colour to individual grey hairs. This means you don’t need to dye your full head.
  • • A root touch-up product which is close to your own shade.

Insider tip:

Clairol Root Touch-Up is a permanent colour that doesn’t wash out after 1 or 2 shampoos and our root spray is great for a temporary fix.

Choose the right formula

If you’ve got a bit of grey (just a few here and there) a semi-permanent can blend them away.

But….if you’ve got a lot of grey (say more than 50%), you’ll be better off with a permanent colour. Nice’n Easy has over 69 shades and permanently covers grey (well that is until you roots grow though), then root-touch up will become your new BFF.

Insider tip:

Shades with “natural” or “neutral” are best for grey coverage. Avoid shades named “ash” as they already have a grey-ish tint.

Embrace it

We love colour. We also love grey.

A scattering of grey can give you a highlighted look and all over grey is really beautiful. But, getting great grey takes time if you’ve coloured your hair before– so while your colour grows out and fades, it might be worth:

  • Using a purple shampoo and conditioner once a week.
  • Trying a colour glossing product which isn’t permanent but adds vibrancy and shine

Whatever you do with your grey, embrace it and love your hair.

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