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Our story - the colour pioneer

No limits. Just colour to suit everyone.

90 years of colour.

For over 90 years, we’ve encouraged self-expression through hair colour and have been inspired by its transformative power. We’ve never been afraid to challenge social norms, starting in the post war era when we boldly claimed that ‘Nice women DO colour their hair’. This pioneering spirit has helped us grow from a family business to an industry leader and we’re proud to offer you a diverse range of hair colour to suit every hair type.

A trailblazer for women.

Clairol's ads empowered women to express themselves freely. Does She or Doesn’t She broke hair colour taboos. Let Me Live It as a Blonde and It Lets Me Be Me campaigns reinforced choice. For generations, Clairol has inspired confidence and liberation.

  • 1950

    One step hair colour

    (Miss Clairol)


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