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How To Dye Your Hair Blonde Without Bleach?

Learn how to go blonder with Clairol without bleaching your hair!

Are you looking to go a lot blonder but are worried about the bleaching process? The possibility of bleach damage can hold some of us back - especially if you've experienced hair damage in the past. But it is possible to achieve blonde locks, or a sun-kissed glow on dark hair, without using bleach if that's your preference. 

Whether you want to take your golden blonde to platinum blonde or transform your darker hair into a gorgeous shade of bronde (brown-blonde), we've got all the tips and tricks you need to get a lighter shade and achieve your hair goals. 

We've all heard the saying "blondes have more fun" so let's test that theory... 

But wait, is it really possible to go blonde without bleach?

In short, yes! It is possible to go blonde without using bleach. Don't worry, we're not about to tell you to use cups of lemon juice or tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (trust us, these methods will not give you the results you're after).

You can, however, get gorgeous bleach-free blonde tones from the very comfort of your home using the Clairol Blonde It Up range of hair lighteners. 

Who is Blonde It Up suitable for?

Anyone can use Blonde It Up to lighten their hair - whether you have brown hair, naturally blonde locks or colour-treated hair. However, if it's a very light blonde shade you're after, you'll need to have an existing blonde base to get the light hair colour you desire.

Blonde It Up lightens your hair with zero bleach involved providing up to 5 levels of lift (depending on how light you want to go). It truly is a game-changer for existing blondes and also those will brunette hair. 

Word of caution: if you have brittle hair or bleached hair that's showing signs of damage, we would recommend taking some time to care for your strands before undergoing the lightening process or using any hair dye. 

How does Blonde It Up work?

We know it all sounds too good to be true. But it simply is! 

It's all thanks to our patented AminoLift Technology that effectively lifts colour pigments inside the hair. Meanwhile, AminoGlycine Complex helps protect the hair’s natural keratin and protein, helping to keep its structure intact. The results? Hair up to 5 levels lighter with a conditioned, soft and glossy finish. Getting lighter hair really can be that simple.

Are you ready to go blonder? Let's get started!

How to lighten your hair without bleach

Grab your box of Blonde It Up hair lightener and use this step-by-step guide to get your perfect shade...

1. Do a strand test to determine optimal timings and results

We recommend doing a strand test before colouring your entire head of hair. This will help you decide whether you like the end result. It also helps you practice the process before going all in.

To test the lightener, mix 2 plastic spoonfuls of the lightener tube and developer bottle into a non-metallic bowl. Take a section from the underside of your hair and apply the mixture from roots to ends. Let it process for 30 minutes then continue checking if you need more time, checking it every 10-15 minutes by wiping it off with a damp paper towel. Once you have gotten to the result you want, rinse and blow dry your hair strand. By doing a strand test first, you can make sure your development timings are accurate for the tone and colour vibrancy you want.

2. Prep your colour

When you’re ready to colour your hair, pour the AminoLift Lightening Cream completely into the Activator Applicator Bottle in your Blonde It Up kit. Close the bottle and shake well.

3. Apply your colour

For all-over application:

  • Part your hair into sections and start at the darkest part of your hair, which is usually the back sections.
  • Apply the mixture to your hair - keeping it 1 inch away from the scalp - and gently smooth the mixture through to your ends, avoiding the root area.
  • Leave it on for 10 minutes before checking the progress.

Just when you think you need to go only a little bit lighter, apply the product to your roots and gently smooth any remaining mixture through the lengths of your hair.

Check every 10 minutes for a maximum of 60 minutes until you achieve an overall lightening effect.

For root application only:

To touch up your roots, begin by parting your hair into sections and start at the darkest part of your head. Apply the mixture to only new growth at the roots and leave it on for the time indicated on your strand test or 30 minutes. Check the progress every 10 minutes until you reach the lightness desired - do not exceed 60 minutes.

4. Rinse and style 

Once the colour has developed, you're ready to rinse, shampoo, and condition your hair. After applying your shampoo, use the CC ColourSeal™ Blonde Conditioner or the Shimmer Lights Violet Toning Mask for the best results. We recommend using the CC ColourSeal™ Conditioner once a week.

Helpful tip: Each Blonde It Up kit includes a bonus packet of Shimmer Lights Violet Toning Mask. You can use this immediately after you have lightened your locks for a naturally cool tone or use it 1-2 weeks after lightening to prevent unwanted orange and brassy tones from emerging.

How to maintain your lighter hair

If you've made your hair lighter, there are a few tips you'll need to keep in mind to maintain your new colour and keep it looking radiant and healthy. Typically, blonde hair is higher maintenance than dark hair. This is because your darker roots will need touching up more often. It's also easier for blonde hair to fade or turn brassy.

But trust us; it's totally worth it! And with the right hair care routine, maintaining your lightened locks is simple. Add these steps to your routine: 

  • Use a purple shampoo or conditioner. Purple care products will help eliminate any brassy tones in cool blonde shades and yellow tones in more golden shades of blonde (or bronde). 
  • Try a colour protection shampoo and conditioner. For the ultimate protection, switch between a purple shampoo and colour protection shampoo to help retain your blonde hair colour. Follow-up with a nourishing conditioner. 
  • Have lukewarm water showers. Hot water can cause your hair colour to fade more easily, so it's always best to opt for lukewarm showers. 
  • Apply a hair mask regularly to boost hydration and shine. A weekly hair mask will keep hair healthy and radiant. Consider using a daily hair mask or leave-in deep conditioning treatments if you are particularly prone to dry hair.
  • Avoid using too much heat on your hair. Heat styling can damage the hair shaft and cause your colour to fade. If you do want to curl or straighten your tresses, be sure to have a heat protection spray handy!
  • Use a hair gloss. Give your hair a colour refresh in between lightening with Colour Gloss Up. Its zero-damage conditioning formula gives you a gorgeous, temporary colour with elevated shine. Clairol Colour Gloss Up Play It Cool Blonde or Toasted Almond Blondeshades provide toning and conditioning benefits!

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