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The science behind Colour Studio: Metals in hair & our Metal Purifier technology

Fact: there's metal buildup in every head of hair. The presence of these metals can make your hair look dull – sometimes even green-ish – and can eventually cause damage.

By purifying your hair and removing the metals, you’ll be able to get the healthy-looking coloured hair of your dreams and make your colour last longer.

Find out more about our Metal Purifier technology below, and how it helps protect your hair in each stage of our Colour Studio 3-step routine.

How do we get metals in our hair?

Tiny particles of metal accumulate on our locks every time we wash our hair, as they’re present in our tap water. The level of metals in your hair is not always easy tell, and different areas of the world have different levels of metals in the tap water. What we can be certain about is that we all have this problem.

So, why are metals in hair harmful?

Heavy metals in your hair don’t always make a visible impact – for example, when they make it dry and brittle. But they can have many noticeable effects.

You might be able to feel the metals in your hair: heavy metals in hair make it dry and brittle. Eventually, metals can even damage the inner structure of the hair and cause breakage. You may also notice a lack of shine, and if you have a higher concentration of metals in your mane, a green-ish tone can be noticeable.

Even when you don’t feel or see their effects, metals can still cause damage to your locks and hinder you from having healthy-looking hair with the colour you desire.

On top of structural damage, the presence of metals in your hair can interfere with the colour result when you dye it. This happens by metals interacting with and decreasing the number of dye molecules that penetrate the hair. This can result in an undesirable colour result with unexpected tones and unevenness.

How Colour Studio Metal Purifier science can protect against metals

Our breakthrough Metal Purifier technology not only neutralises metals during your colour process with Colour Studio, but it also helps remove them – protecting your hair and your colour result. The

main active ingredients behind the Metal Purifier technologyare included in all three steps of our regimen.

So, make sure to keep your hair protected by following the 3-step routine with Colour Studio.

1. First, apply the Colour Studio Prime Serum before you start colouring.

2. Then, colour your hair with any of the stunning shades from Colour Studio.

3. Finally, continue to remove the metals that accumulate during hair washing by using the Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner in-between your colour applications.

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