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How to use CS professional tools? How to apply like a pro?

How to use Colour Studio hair colour tools

Colour Studio helps you create your own hairdressing studio at home by offering professional hair colouring tools to help you get salon results.

Do you prefer the hair colour brush and bowl or the applicator bottle? Or do you like to mix both options? It’s down to you!

Find out how to use our pro hair colour tools here to get salon-worthy looks at home.

Root Application

If you have a small regrowth and want to avoid overlapping your previous colour, our hair colour bowl and brush is your ultimate choice of tools.

Overlapping the previous colour with a new one can result in your colour going darker, which can eventually lead to a different colour result than you wanted over time.

To use the bowl and brush for a root touch-up, use the end of the hair colour brush to separate the hair into even sections. Take sections of about 1 cm each to make sure you get the colour into all the strands.

Mix the colour into the bowl according to the package instructions. Before applying your colour to your hair, make sure you don’t have too much product on the brush; only the amount that you need for the roots in that section. If the colour mass on the brush is wider than the actual regrowth, it’s tricky to stay with the application on the uncoloured part of the hair.

Root Shadow

If you want to create a shadow at your roots, apply colour to section by section of the roots. After finishing the full root application, turn to the other side of the brush to use the comb and comb the product gently down through the roots into the rest of your hair.

This will give a softer transition from the roots to the uncoloured lengths. Make sure the comb is clean before you start, as you don’t want to add more colour.

Full Head Application

The hair colourant bottle applicator is perfect for speedily covering a bigger root regrowth, or for a full head application such as if you are colouring your hair for the first time.

You can use the bottle’s nozzle to split the hair into sections, then squeeze the colour out and use your hands to massage the colour into the mid-lengths and ends.


Our Colour Studio brush is great for finishing the hairline and making sure you have all the baby hairs covered without making stains on your skin.

To finish up, take some water on your fingertips and massage the hairline before rinsing out your colour. By emulsifying the colour, it will prevent potential skin stains.

Coarse Hair

It might be tricker to spread your colour through coily, curly, or coarse hair. Here, the hair colour brush is your go-to tool to separate the hair strands while applying the product.

Grey Coverage

If you have greys that you want to cover, the brush is great for ensuring you really get the strands saturated.

Don’t skimp on the colour, as covering grey hair often requires a bit of extra colour mass. If most of your grey hairs are in the front of your hair, use the brush, but you can still use the bottle applicator if you find this easier.

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