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Prime time! Why do you need to prime before colouring

Prime time! Why use our Prime Serum before colouring?

For many of us, colouring our own hair at home can sometimes be a bit nerve-wracking – we might fear causing damage to our hair and not getting the colour result that we are expecting.

If that’s the case, Colour Studio’s Prime Serum is your new best friend when you’re about to colour your hair, setting you up for a successful colour result.

Learn how our Prime Serum creates the perfect foundation for your best-ever home hair colour and helps prevent hair damage below.

Prevents hair damage

Metals are deposited on your hair with every wash due to tiny particles in our tap water, and these can cause damage to your hair while colouring. Using the Prime Serum shields your hair from harmful metals during the colour process to protect your hair from damage.

Optimised colour uptake

The presence of metals in your hair can cause unexpected colour results – but by using the Prime Serum, you can trust that the dye molecules will be able to penetrate your hair. This ensures your dye can create the healthy hair colour and tone it’s supposed to.

Enhanced colour experience

Our Prime Serum is quick and easy to apply: simply comb it through your hair to enable a faster colour application.

How to use our Prime Serum

· Start with a coin-sized amount of Prime Serum in the palm of one hand before spreading it onto both of your hands.

· Apply the translucent gel serum to dry hair.

· Smooth the product through the hair from mid-lengths to ends.

· Then, comb or brush through the hair to ensure even application, and you’re ready to start your colour application.

Feel confident when home hair colouring

For healthy hair colour without damage, rely on Colour Studio to give you the colour result you’re looking for by prepping with Prime Serum.


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