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Why is CS colour so unique?

Our unique 3-step routine for at-home hair colour helps you prevent hair breakage, get vibrant colour and maintain healthy-looking hair. Learn more with Clairol.

Prevent hair breakage, maximise colour vibrancy & revitalise shine: Our 3-step routine

The many reasons why we colour our hair are very different. You might just want to refresh your natural colour with a new tone or blend in some grey hairs. Occasionally, you might be looking for a total vibrant colour transformation.

What we all have in common when colouring our hair – regardless of the reason why we’re doing it – is that we want our coloured hair to look healthy. But, our colour will never look its best if we don’t also care for the condition of our hair. Colour and care are a powerful couple!

Each and every one of our hair strands contain tiny amounts of metals, which get into our locks through tap water when we wash it. These can be harmful by causing hair breakage and making it brittle and dry; as well as interfering with how dye molecules penetrate the hair, giving unexpected, uneven results during colouring.

To prevent hair breakage, maintain healthy hair colour, and feel confident with getting the colour result you want, it’s important to keep your hair protected from metals.

How to get healthy hair colour with Colour Studio

Colour Studio combines colour and care with our complete routine of 3 steps – Prime, Colour and Revitalize. Each product step includes the breakthrough technology Metal Purifier to help you get visibly healthier coloured hair.

Step 1: Prime

Prime Serum preps and protects your hair from breakage caused by metals.

Step 2: Colour

Choose your desired Colour Studio colour from our palette of 15 on-trend shades.

Step 3: Revitalize

Our Revitalize shampoos, conditioners and masks help keep your colour vibrant and protected.

Don’t compromise on having either a stunning colour or healthy hair: with Colour Studio, you can have both. And better yet, it only takes these 3 steps to achieve exactly that.

Each step of our Colour Studio routine neutralises the metals that get deposited in your hair during washing, helping you get your best healthy-looking colour, shine and moisturisation – whether your hair is newly coloured or you’re in-between applications.


Colour Studio 3-Step System

Everything you need to get long-lasting, salon-quality colour results in the comfort of your own home.
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