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April Kae

NYC-based musician, model & activist

April is an NYC-based musician, model, and activist. She is well known as an innovative and gifted bass guitar player and songwriter, and also uses her platform to speak on matters that are important to her. Growing up, April had a challenging hair journey and would often style her hair in braids, a slick-back bun, or flat ironed completely straight with the hopes of standing out as little as possible. She finally felt tired of the constant brushing and styling and thought, “THAT’S IT! My hair is beautiful just the way it is, and I’m wearing it proudly from here on out.” Now, April rocks her natural curls and celebrates them with nourishing colour and vibrant tones.

April wears Clairol Natural Instincts Bold in the shade R56 Auburn.

You can find April on Instagram at: @aprilkae

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