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Colouring your hair – going black

Black is a mysterious shade. Magical when done right. Borderline scary if it goes wrong. Here’s some tips to help make it work for you.


Avoid looking washed out

If you’ve got fair skin – going too dark might make you look washed out.

To achieve the raven-haired look, go with a medium brown to darker brown (not a black) shade. It will still have the same effect but won’t wash you out.

Go lighter than you think

For medium skin - dark brown (almost-black) is a good option.

It’s worth going lighter than you think as hair colour always turns out darker than the box (and darker hair is more difficult to correct).

Try jet black

With dark skin, jet black can look amazing. But pick a shade that’s multi-dimensional otherwise your skin tone and hair will look too flat.

Flatter yourself

As we get older our skin changes colour and black hair can accentuate lines and wrinkles, so the most flattering tone may be more of a dark brown than a full on black.

Start glossing

Black hair colour needs a boost of shine to make it look silky from root to tip.

Try doing a colour gloss every other week to keep your colour looking great and to avoid your colour looking flat. Try shade Hot Espresso!

Be root ready

Your roots will be more noticeable. Get ready for root touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks.

Keep it cool

Always wash black hair with cool water and avoid clarifying shampoos that can strip your colour and make it look dull.

Trim regularly

Dark hair can accentuate any damage, so if you go darker, you’ll probably need to trim your ends more often to keep it looking smooth.

Don’t use baby powder!

Use a tinted dry shampoo in between washes that’s specifically designed for raven-haired beauties, instead of a basic non-tinted one.

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