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Useful tips for colouring your hair

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered!

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getting started

Do your roots first

Hair that’s already coloured is more porous and soaks up colour easily, but new (root) growth needs more time to take colour in.

To get an even tone from root to tip - leave colour on your roots for the full time and colour your ends for only half the required time.

Become a regular deep conditioner

If your hair isn’t in great condition, your glossy colour won’t last. To improve the condition of your hair, we recommend a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Ask for some help!

Colouring the back of your hair is hard - ask someone to help you so you don’t miss a spot. A three-panel mirror can also help you see all sides.

Use your brows as a guide

Your brows are a great guide for your hair colour and staying within two shades of them (lighter or darker) will generally give you the best colour match.

Make Vaseline your BFF

Vaseline on your hairline helps stop colour stain on your skin - it’s worth using!

Remember skin tone matters

Cool skin tones look best in cool hair colours, while warm skin tones look best in warm hair colours. To find out more – read this article.

Use foils

Not for your hair, but for your glasses! Wrap some foil around the arms of your glasses so you can wear them while you colour. Once you’ve finished (and taken your glasses off), just make sure to retouch the sides.

Cut up some lemons

Stained fingers? Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl and soak fingertips for 30 minutes to help reduce staining.

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