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Colouring your hair – going blonde

We love blonde, but it’s a colour that can need a bit more prep and maintenance, so here’s some tips that might help.


Understand your skin tone

When you’re thinking about which blonde to be – matching your shade to your skin tone is key.

A warm blonde shade, like golden blonde suits warm-toned skin, while cooler tones like ash go better with cooler-toned skin.

To find out more about matching your skin tone and hair colour, check out this article (link to my hair colour and skin tone are the same… no way)

Blonding speeds differ

Different types of hair will go blonder at different speeds – so always read the instructions on the pack.

If your hair is lighter its often easier to lift the tone. For darker hair (and depending on how blonde you want to go), it may take more than one session to get the colour you want. So, you’ll need a bit of patience😊

Condition matters

Going blonde can be harsh on your hair and isn’t the best colour choice if your hair is damaged or brittle so getting it into great condition before you colour is top priority!

So, add a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your to do list to keep your hair hydrated (this is also super important when you go blonde to keep your colour looking great).

Shampoo tips

It’s best not to shampoo before you colour (as lightening does not work so well on super clean hair).

And when you do shampoo (and condition) – choose products that are made for colour treated hair, as they help to maintain your colour (ideally opt for sulphate-free to reduce fade) .

Ditch brassiness

To cool down any brassy tones, toning with a non-permanent shade can help. Try: one of the Natural Instincts Cool shades.

A violet toner is also a great way to get rid of brassiness (but stick to the recommended timing to avoid having blue hair!).

If you do decide to go blonde, we’re sure you will love it! Here’s some snippets of colour inspo.



Platinum blonde is always a classic! To cool down unwanted brassy tones, try toning with a demi permanent shade. Try: Natural Instincts 8A Medium Cool Blonde.



We think these sandy blonde shades give the perfect, low-maintenance hue for summer (and beyond). Try: Nice'n Easy Light Beige Blonde 9B for a permanent colour or Natural Instincts Light Blonde 9 for an subtle enhancement.



Glow from head to toe by pairing warm golden tresses with a light dusting of bronzer on your face (apples of cheeks, temples and jawline).



Red is the new blonde and we love that this hue is still borderline golden.

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